The Queen, A Victorian Bed & Breakfast
Step back into a more elegant time...

The Queen is “Green

We love that you have chosen to stay here and we hope that you will share our green philosophy during you stay and perhaps go home a little richer for it.

Products like our toilet paper, cleaning products, laundry detergent have been chosen because they do not have any harsh chemicals or perfumes added.

Sheets are changed every third or fourth day.
Upon your request, they can be changed daily.

Towels are changed every other day. If you would like them changed more often, please leave them on the floor or in the shower and they will be replaced.

The recycling baskets in the halls are for glass, cans, plastic, magazines and newspapers.

We use only fair trade coffee.

We grow our own pesticide free tomatoes, herbs and berries and buy locally grown as much as we can.

We recycle rain water to water our garden.

We use recycled copy paper.

We do NOT use paper plates, paper cups or paper towels. (We do offer paper cups for “to go” coffee.)

We use full size refillable amenities to reduce waste and disposal of plastic.

We compost kitchen waste.

Spring bulbs bloom everywhere. Fresh organic herbs & flowers provide the garnish for your gourmet breakfast.

Curtis and grandson Anthony tend the beehive in the garden. Our own honey is served with custom blended teas for breakfast.

We use on demand hot water heaters to avoid storing unneeded hot water. This also insures that our guests will not run out of hot water.

Most things in The Queen – were someone else’s first. Furnishings and accessories are antiques, yard sale finds or family heirlooms.

The Queen herself has been recycled from an abandoned shell to her former beauty.

Winter room temperatures are kept at 60 degrees, allowing each guest to heat their room to their comfort level with their fireplace.

The first floor of The Queen is heated with a radiant floor system allowing us to keep lower temperatures while your feet are nice and toasty.

Guest rooms are equipped with ceiling fans and windows may be opened in the summer. If the humidity is high, we may ask that you keep the windows closed so we can use the central air system.

We use compact fluorescent or LED bulbs wherever feasible. Where incandescent bulbs are used, we use dimmer switches to save energy.

Motion sensors are used to turn some lights on and off without the need for you to find the switch.

Some outdoor lighting has been converted to solar.

Rain barrels are used to collect water for watering the gardens.

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